Book Release: Declare His Glory Among The Nations

DHG CoverDeclare His Glory Among The Nations, An Eye Opening Look at Psalm 96, was recently published by the Student Volunteer Movement 2.

Psalm 96 is one of the most amazing mission passages in the entire Bible. No wonder it is called the missionary Psalm for it provides us with the mandate, the motives, the message and the model we need to understand our part in God’s plan to be glorified among the nations. As you dig into this Psalm, your eyes will be opened to the life-transforming themes in this Psalm.

In 1980 God opened my eyes to the grand themes of Psalm 96 while I was a college student at Penn State University, and I said “yes” to his call to “declare his glory among the nations.”  What a journey this has been! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine where my journey would lead: Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Romania, Mongolia and other countries. After all these years, I consider the message of Psalm 96 more relevant now than when I began this journey.  So I’ve created this “tour guide” for Psalm 96 to help readers discover this Psalm’s major themes and their implication for life in the 21st century.

Declare His Glory Among The Nations has a message for everyone in the Body of Christ. One thesis I develop throughout the book is that every true believer has a role to fulfill in God’s purpose to be glorified among the nations.  For those who are just beginning to discover the grand truths of Psalm 96. They will find encouragement to say “yes” to God’s calling to “declare his glory among the nations.” For those who have already said “yes” to God’s invitation, this book will help them grow in their understanding of God’s plan to be glorified among the nations and further conform their lives to his purpose. Those who are helping others follow God’s missional call will find “tools” to help them excel all the more in this vital role.

So that you can “taste” this marvelous Psalm for yourself, I have made the table of contents, the preface and chapter one, “First Things First” available here.

Declare His Glory Among the Nations is available from in both print and Kindle versions. If you would like multiple copies, contact me directly.

This vision of the Student Volunteer Movement 2 is to mobilize 100,000 young people from every continent to Declare His Glory Among the Nations.  Students have been a major force in world evangelization ever since the Protestant Missionary Movement gained momentum early in the 19th century.  Building upon this heritage, SVM2 challenges young men and women to prayerfully make the GO Declaration: It is my purpose, God permitting, to bear the message of Jesus Christ among the least reached for at least two years. SVM2 also promotes prayer for the nations, Student Mission Forums and Bible Studies to discover God’s heart for the nations. These make up the four core components of SMV2’s mobilization strategy. You can learn more about the Student Volunteer Movement 2

Declare His Glory Among the Nations is a part of the Equipping for Global Harvest Series published by Ignite Media, the publishing arm of SMV2.  The other books in this series are also available through


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