Six Majority Turkic Countries

Ramadan Turkic Peoples Prayer Focus: Week 1

Monday, July 8-Sunday, July 14, 2013

This is the first post in a five-part series that presents prayer requests for the Turkic Peoples during Ramadan.

map Turkic world

Monday: Turkey has the largest Turkic people group (52 million). From 10 believers in 1960, the Turkish church has grown to 4000. Pray that the Gospel would spread rapidly throughout Turkey, just as it did in Paul’s time (Acts 19).

Tuesday: Azerbaijan –From 40 in 1991, Azeri believers are approaching 10,000 in the face of significant opposition. Pray for a strong Church with an effective witness.

Wednesday: Turkmenistan –Believers among the Turkmen (4 million) have grown from a few to 1000. Of these six countries, the greatest persecution is here. Pray for believers to stand firm and to lead others to Christ.

Thursday: Uzbekistan –A generation ago there were probably no Uzbek believers; now there are at least 4500. Pray for leaders for the fast growing churches.

Friday: Kazakhstan –In a generation the Church has grown from a handful of Kazak believers to 16,300, the largest in Central Asia. Pray for continued growth in spite of persecution.

Saturday: Kyrgyzstan –The emerging Kyrgyz church continues to grow in the freest country in Central Asia, though persecution is still an issue. Pray that foreign workers and the Kyrgyz church, numbering 5000, make the most of these opportunities.

Sunday: Praise! From less than 1000 Muslim background believers in 1990, there are now over 40,000 in these six countries. Give thanks that in spite of difficulties, this generation has seen the Church taken root among these Turkic peoples.

You can learn more about these countries and peoples from the book, Operation World or The next post will be Saturday, July 13.


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