Six Forgotten Turkic Peoples

Ramadan Turkic Peoples Prayer Focus: Week 3

Monday, July 22, through Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is the third post in a five-part series that presents prayer requests for the Turkic Peoples during Ramadan.


The Qaskqai of Iran

Monday: The nomadic Qashqa’i of Iran (1.8 million) don’t have a written language, any part of the Bible or any known believers. Ask the Lord of the Harvest for messengers to take them the Good News.

Tuesday: The Khorasani of Iran (854,000) have no known believers and are without any Christian resources. The 1979 Iranian Revolution makes it very difficult to reach this people. Pray for open doors and open hearts.

Wednesday: The Afshari in Iran (342,000) are very resistant to the Gospel. There are no known believers; no part of the Bible exists in their language and no recent church planting activity. Pray for Bible translation to begin.

Thursday: Tatars in Uzbekistan (665,000) have about 1000 believers, but no intentional church planting in recent years. The NT was finished in 2001. Pray that its message will be believed.

Friday: Uzbeks in Tajikistan are the largest minority (1.7 million). There are some Uzbek believers, but almost no churches. Pray for Uzbek churches to be started.

Saturday:  The Azeri Turks (17.6 million in 5 countries) don’t have the Bible in their language, and political barriers make it difficult to reach the 14.9 million Azeri in Iran. Pray for workers who will overcome these barriers.

Sunday: Praise! Publication of the Scriptures in the Turkish, Kyrgyz, Kazak, Turkmen and Uzbek languages in the last 25 years has resulted in many coming to faith. God’s word is living and active!

You can learn more about these countries and peoples from the book, Operation World or  The next post will be Saturday, July 27.


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