Six “Hot Spots” in the Turkic World

Ramadan Turkic Peoples Prayer Focus: Week 4

Monday, July 29, through Sunday, August 4, 2013

This is the fourth post in a five-part series that presents prayer requests for the Turkic Peoples during Ramadan.

Monday: Radical Islam is feared by politicians. A massive influx of money and Muslim missionaries has established thousands of Mosques and Islamic schools. Pray that God powerfully draws the Turkic peoples into his Kingdom instead.

Tuesday: The Back to Jerusalem Movement –Chinese house churches want to send 100,000 workers back to Jerusalem along the Silk Road, making disciples of the least reached as they go. Pray for this missionary sending movement.

Wednesday: Business as Mission projects can help meet needs and overcome visa restrictions. Pray for workers to overcome bureaucracy and corruption to start these ministries.

Thursday: Arab Spring spill over – popular uprisings against authoritarian governments are spreading to Turkey, Syria and other Muslim countries. Pray that these result in people movements into Christ’s kingdom.

Friday:  House Church Networks are developing due to increasing restrictions. Pray for wise and godly leadership of these networks.

Saturday: Persecution – All Central Asian countries are listed among the 50 most persecuted nations, growing more intense since 2000. Pray that believers stand firm.

Sunday: Praise! Thank God for drawing to himself tens of thousands from among the Turkic peoples, often through miraculous means.

You can learn more about these countries and peoples from the book, Operation World or  The final post will be Saturday, August 3.


One thought on “Six “Hot Spots” in the Turkic World

  1. Folk in Business as Mission are in ministry, not using it as a so called platform – and most do not enter to avoid visa restrictions – the Business is the ministry. Those who use it as a platform will be seen for what they are and those who think it is an easy way to make money to feed other ministries have probably never run a genuine business. If it was easy everyone would be doing it – this applies to the overall business world also.

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