Two Astounding Facts about the Turkic Peoples

Ramadan Turkic Peoples Prayer Focus

Monday, August 5, through Wednesday August 7, 2013

This is the last post in a five-part series that presents prayer requests for the Turkic Peoples during Ramadan.Turkish ladies crop

Monday: Fact – 21 million Turkic people don’t have the Bible in their language. Pray that God will motive qualified people to translate the scriptures into all of the languages of the Turkic Peoples.

Tuesday: Fact – No one is working to reach 223 Turkic Peoples (7 million people) Pray that God Churches and mission organizations around the world will partner together to reach these 223 Turkic Peoples.

Wednesday: Congratulations! You have completed this Turkic People Prayer Focus during Ramadan. How has God worked in your heart? How might you be involved in efforts to take the Good News to the Turkic peoples in the future? Spend some time talking to the Lord about how he may be leading you.

You can learn more about these countries and peoples from the book, Operation World or


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