Great Books on Christian Mission

Mission booksAfter recently browsing our church library’s collection, I stared thinking about great books on Christian mission.

The Joshua Project has a very good list of recommended books on mission at: I was pleased to see several of my personal favorites listed under each listed for each of these topics

Biblical Basis of Missions
Children’s Resources
Classic Missionary Works
Involvement Ideas
Mission Committees
Missionary Biographies
Missionary Care
Short-Term Missions
Strategy and Trends

This is a great “pool” to draw from for various purposes: personal study, preparing short term teams, materials for church mission committees or leadership teams to read and prayerfully discuss or for church librarians to choose future additions for the church library.

I was pleased to find a rich selection of missionary biographies. I consider missionary biographies to be one of the best vision casting and missionary educational tools.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) offers several very good series of missionary biographies. The “Christian Heroes” series is geared for young people. They also offer the International Adventure series that focuses on great contemporary missionary stories. Of course they also offer a good selection of mission books. Check out their online store at

The William Carey Library is the go to source for more technical mission works.  Founded by Ralph Winter, the William Carey Library was one of the first companies to exclusively publish mission resources. The on line store is found at

Of course the best missionary book is the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the major theme of the Bible is the outworking of God’s eternal purpose to re-establish his Kingdom on earth and provide salvation for all humanity. So the Bible is at the very top of my recommended mission book list. Read it with eyes seeking out God’s heart for all  the nation and your perspective on life will not remain the same.

Next to the Bible, I would place Operation World. This is a country- by-country survey of the world with pertinent prayer points.  Later this year an abridged version of Operation World is to be published: Pray for the World. A friend who is on the editorial team says, “This is the book that should have been written first.” I am looking forward to using it.  For more about Operation World and the available resources visit

From these recommendations,  you can certainly find a good read.


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