Christ’s Incarnation: something wonderful to celebrate and a message of hope to communicate

O sing to the LORD a new song,
     For He has done wonderful things,
          His right hand and His holy arm have gained the victory for Him.
    The LORD has made known His salvation;
He has revealed His righteousness in the sight of the nations.
He has remembered His lovingkindness and His faithfulness to the house of Israel;
All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.
Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth;
          Break forth and sing for joy and sing praises.

Psalm 98:1-4

This scripture was read at the Christmas Eve service our family attended. I was struck by the “all nations” theme – a good reminder that Jesus, as Saint Paul writes,  “is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe” (1). Thus the very best gift anyone could ever receive is the gift of eternal life.

A few of applications follow:

  1. As Psalm 98 directs, we have something to celebrate! “Sing to the Lord.” “Sing for joy.” It is fitting that our celebration of Jesus’ incarnation involves the singing Christmas carols.
  2. As those who have fixed our hope on the living God (2), we also have a work to complete. “That is why we labor and strive” (3) to disciple all nations (4).

Or in other words, we have something wonderful  to celebrate (5) and a message of hope to communicate, not only at Christmas time, but throughout the entire year.


1. 1 Timothy 4:10c NIV
2. 1 Timothy 4:10b NIV
3. 1 Timothy 4:10a NIV
4. Matthew 28:18
5. Psalm 98:1, 4-6,8


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