20 Years of Fruitful Service with One Challenge, A Mission on the Move with God

April 7 marks my 20th Anniversary with OC International or as it is now known, One Challenge.

The ministry of One Challenge has experienced impressive growth over these twenty years.  In 1995, when my wife and I were accepted as career missionaries, OC had resident workers in 19 countries. At the end of 2014 OC workers were resident in 41 countries with ministry in a total of 102 countries. There was just one sending country in 1995: the United States. Now OC is a Global Alliance with mobilization centers in eleven countries.  OC had 301 workers in 1995; now the OC Global Alliance has over 730 workers, and the majority of OC’s workers are associated with mobilization centers other than the United States.

Over these 20 years I’ve heard OC’s leaders repeatedly say, “Each year OC has an impact on global missions way beyond what our size as a mission would predict.” Recently I brought several facts that support this generalization. The table below has five indicators of OC’s disciple making impact comparing 1995, the year we joined OC, and 2014.

OC DMI Table 1995 2014

Although the number of OC’s personal increased about two and a half times, the other four indicators of OC’s Disciple Making Impact in 2014 were six to fifteen times greater. Thus OC’s Disciple Making Impact is far greater than the mere increase in personnel would predict. Other factors contribute to the growth of OC’s Disciple Making Impact, and I would suggest that the primary factor is “God who gives the growth” (1 Corinthians 3:7).

Last month I participated in One Challenge’s Leadership Gathering in Colorado Springs, which began with the installation of our new President, Dr. Dean Carlson.  The tag line for his inaugural message was: God is on the move – and OC is moving with Him.  It is a privilege to be a part of a missionary organization what is striving to keep in step with the Lord of the Harvest. You can learn more about One Challenge’s vision for the future at www.OneChallenge.org.


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