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R Mitchell smallHi! I’m Russ Mitchell, and I find my true identity as a follower of Jesus Christ. Following Him has taken me places of which I never dreamed! Over the last 30 years I’ve served Him as a teacher, administrator, pastor, missionary, researcher, college professor and writer, living 20 years overseas in the Dominican Republic and Romania. My greatest passion is to see the Church of Jesus Christ mobilized to declare God’s Glory among the nations.

Presently I serve as Assistant Director of Research for One Challenge  Several of my projects involve gathering and analyzing information related to fulfilling the Great Commission, and developing our field missionary research site at and training.

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Os Guinness presents stirring address at Taylor University

GuinnessDr. Os Guinness received an honorary doctorate at Taylor University today. His speech was one of the most engaging that I’ve ever heard.  So I’m sharing the link for his address at

Dr. Guinness began by focusing out attention on some of the great questions of our age:

  1. Will Islam modernize peacefully?
  2. What faith (world view) will replace Marxism in China?
  3. Will the West sever or recover its roots?

Then he challenged us to play our part in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. He spoke briefly about three:

  1. Preparing the Global South where the Church is growing at an unprecedented pace.
  2. Wining back the western world.
  3. Contribute to the future of humanity at this transitional time of major shifts.
    • The shift from pyro (fire based) technology to biotechnology
    • The shift from the industrial era to the information era
    • The shift from a supernatural to a secular perception of reality

He also encouraged us to wrestle with some of the grand distortions of faith such as:

  • The shift from authority to preference (and the resulting lack of commitment)
  • The shift from integration to fragmentation.

Guinness pointed out that progress in these areas will depend upon our

  • Practice Supernatural warfare
  • Having a deep grasp of the history of ideas
  • Engaging in cultural analysis

Can the church be revived again? Guinness firmly believes that the future of humanity depends on the answer.

I was struck by how many of the questions Dr. Guinness raised and the trends that he identified relate to the discipling of nations.  His address brings to mind the Old Testament words about the Sons of Issachar, “who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”  Unless we understand the times in which we live, we will be ill prepared to deal with the challenges before us.  May Dr. Guinness’ address also  inspire you to critically contemplate what is happening in our world today and your response.

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