Declare His Glory Among the Nations

An Eye Opening Look at Psalm 96


Preface 9
1. First Things First – 13
2. The Message Bearer’s Mandate. – 27
3. The Message Bearer’s Motivation. – 43
4. The Message Bearer’s Message. – 55
5. Message Bearer Mobilizers. – 67
6. Putting It All Together. – 83

Study Guide for Psalm 96. – 109
Excursus on God’s Purpose. – 111

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Key Insights from the 2017 National Church Planting Process Survey

Not all saturation church planting or disciple making processes produce equal fruit. What makes the difference? If we have limited resources, which emphases are most fruitful?

These are some of the questions posed at the beginning of the 2017 National Church Planting Processes Survey. This first-of-its-kind study aimed at assessing the effectiveness of whole-nation disciple making process, sometimes referred to as Saturation Church Planting (SCP) or DAWN Initiatives.

The results of this research exceeded expectations, yielding more significant findings than anticipated.

Here are seven key Insights found to advance nationwide disciple making processes:

  1. The “ideal” DAWN strategy is effective. 
  2. National Church Leadership is the most significant factor for developing a whole nation church planting process.
  3. “Seminars and Consultations” is the second most significant factor contributing to an effective national-wide disciple making process.
  4. Relationships are foundational to a fruitful national process.
  5. Refine the process.
  6. Think critically about it is going to take to disciple the whole nation.
  7. Success requires a long obedience in the same direction.

These insights, which when acted upon, can guide the development of effective nationwide disciple making processes.

A more thorough explanation of these seven insights is available here, including practical applications of how this research guides the development whole-nation disciple making processes as we move toward AD 2050.

See my earlier posts for other perspectives on this study.


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